Monsoons can impact the effectiveness of your AC?

It’s that time of year, and it is important that your air conditioning system has had proper maintenance so it can efficiently cool your home before the rain and humid heat hits Tucson. High levels of humidity cause your AC to work overtime. All that extra work and longer run times lead to higher energy bills and can shorten the lifespan of your unit.

D&H wants to help you save money.

Protect your Air Conditioner during monsoons by:

  • Trim back vegetation and clean your unit from debris after a storm. Leaves, branches, and twigs can clog your unit and keep it from running properly.


  • Make sure to replace your air filter. Dirty filters allow dust, pet dander, and other particulate to coat the evaporative coil in dry seasons. During monsoons, the increase of moisture can create large amounts of condensation that may loosen this debris causing it to slide off the coil in large clumps resulting in a clogged condensation drain and a possible flooding hazard!

  • Become familiar with your home’s electrical system. A lightning strike up to a half mile away can cause damage to a central air unit. Invest in a surge protector, if you don’t already have one, to prevent expensive repairs.

  • Keep the fan setting on your thermostat set to ‘auto’. This will ensure that your AC dehumidifies the air in your home. 


  • Unclog condensate lines

  • Clean condenser coils

  • Check and replace customer supplied filters

  • Clean outdoor unit from debris and leaves

  • Check refrigerant and electrical components

Our comfort experts can service your entire system to make sure it runs smoothly during monsoons. 

"We recently had to replace our HVAC system and I’m so happy with my experience with D&H. Everyone I communicated with during the whole experience was so helpful. They made the whole thing a smooth transaction. I will definitely recommend them in the future and will continue to use them for maintenance."

-— Jennifer S., Google Reviews

It is our priority to keep you cool and comfortable this summer.
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