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Whatever the brand, we will repair it.
Whatever the age, we will repair it.

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D&H's NATE certified service professionals can perform all types of repairs on many heating and cooling installations.

NATE certification is the highest level of technical excellence in the country and enables D&H technicians the ability to take care of practically ANY problem you may have with your heating and cooling equipment.

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence and ensures that you are in good hands with a technician who has verifiable knowledge of air conditioning, air distribution, heat pumps, gas heating, oil heating, hydronics gas, hydronics oil, light commercial refrigeration and commercial refrigeration.

D&H’s certified service professionals inspect, test and adjust 21 critical components that have high failure risk.

Don’t hesitate: Call D&H at (520) 201-8301 for any heating or cooling repair (even if we haven’t installed your system) or to receive a free, no-obligation analysis and evaluation of your current heating and cooling system.

You get more:

21 Critical Components with High Failure Risk
  • Inspect blower

  • Verify refrigerant change

  • Inspect exposed duct work

  • Clean air filters

  • Inspect belts/pulleys

  • Inspect defrost timer

  • Test reversing valve

  • Test auxiliary heat strips

  • Check defrost timer

  • Test compressor

  • Calibrate thermostats

  • Lubricate all moving parts

  • Measure & record temperature differentials

  • Test capacitors

  • Clean condenser drain

  • Test crank case heater

  • Tighten electrical connections

  • Inspect power disconnect

  • Inspect MEG OHM compressor

  • Verify contractor

  • Verify relays

Maintenance Prevents Breaking the Bank

The #1 cause of system breakdowns is lack of maintenance of heating and cooling systems.

Regardless of age, brand or who installed your existing equipment, keeping it maintained saves you money. Equipment manufacturers require planned maintenance to validate and preserve their warranties. Good news, it’s never too late (or too soon) to start a proper maintenance plan.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Maintenance can help you lower your bills! When your heater is in good shape, it wont have to work as hard to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Extend the Life of Your Furnace

No one wants to have to replace their heating system prematurely. Furnaces that get regular maintenance last much longer than units that do not.

Save Money

With regular furnace tune-ups, you can avoid the need for costly repairs in the future. It is much more cost-effective to prevent problems than to deal with them after the fact.

Stay Comfortable

The purpose of having a furnace in the first place is to help you stay warm and comfortable. With preventative maintenance, your unit will work effectively.


Did You Know?

The blower in your furnace is ALSO responsible for circulating the cool air into your home for your air conditioning. Even though it is the end of heating season, if you haven't already scheduled your heater tune-up yet, it is very important to maintain this component to keep you cool and comfortable in the coming heat.

Save with a Limited Time Offer

Keep your home comfortable and utility bills in check with preventative maintenance. Does your blower need a tune-up before wrapping up the heating season? 


The temps are rising, does your AC need a tune-up before the heat is back? Schedule ahead so you are prepared. Contact D&H to get the professional service you deserve.




REG. $135  /  EXP. 02/27/19


Schedule Ahead



REG. $135  /  EXP. 02/27/19

D&H Air Conditioning – Family operated in Tucson since 1959

Call D&H at (520) 201-8301 for any heating or cooling maintenance or repair (even if we haven’t installed your system) or to receive a free, no-obligation analysis and evaluation of your current heating and cooling system.

Experience Pays Off 

With 55+ years in installing, maintaining and replacing air conditioning and heating systems in the greater Tucson area, we can confidently say we have seen absolutely ALL sorts of issues with air conditioning systems; Our very extensive experience gives us an edge over almost all other HVAC companies in the region. There is not a single problem we haven’t seen in all these years. Any part of an HVAC system can break and create problems for other parts, starting cascading issues that usually wind up with very costly repairs.

Manufacturers have started limiting warranties based on cascading issues: a badly maintained system causes problems in another system and another system, etc. This means that manufacturers are no longer forced to change entire systems for issues that could have been avoided very easily with maintenance. Regular maintenance reduces the risk of cascading issues: when an A/C system does not operate optimally in any compartment, planned maintenance and failure detection systems isolate critical issues before they contaminate other parts of the system and become extremely costly to repair. Heating and cooling equipment manufacturers like Daikin publish maintenance guidelines that are very useful.

The difference between a well-maintained heating and cooling system with regular maintenance and a poorly maintained system is the cost for the owner. Most manufacturers will NOT cover warranty repairs due to a lack of preventative maintenance. Daikin offers maintenance plans through D&H, one of their approved Comfort Advisors.

It just makes “dollar sense” to equip yourself with great heating and cooling maintenance plan that is thorough enough to detect the issues BEFORE they occur, and prevent them by replacing parts that are becoming too worn out to fulfill their function at a 100% performance level.


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